Over 13 years of experience in Development, Architect and Project Management in Products, Applications(Desktop and Web app).
Playing responsibilities which includes interaction with clients, Requirement Gathering, Designing Technical Artifacts, Mentoring/Leading Development and Support Team.

Technical Expertise (Microsoft Technology):
• MOSS 2007
• SharePoint 2010
• WebAPI
• KockoutJS/AngulerJS
• Scrum Master

Functional Expertise:
• DevOps


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Maybe you can help I Have a very frustrating issue with an Sharepoint Approval work flow.
    When a user selects “request change” i need all original approvers to be assigned a new task, this task needs to include information entered by the user when they selected “request Change” in the info form. they need a new task even if they approved the task before the “request change” was selected.
    I can customize the workflow using SharePoint design and info path but do not program in vb.
    I am at witts end with this can you help or point me in the right direction.

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