Show web in Top Link Bar Programmatically using C#

Please see the below function. that will display the web in the top link bar.

private void DisplayWebAtTopLink(SPWeb webnew)
webnew.Navigation.UseShared = true;
SPNavigationNodeCollection topnav = webnew.ParentWeb.Navigation.TopNavigationBar;
SPNavigationNode node = topnav.Cast<SPNavigationNode>().FirstOrDefault(n => n.Url.Equals(webnew.ServerRelativeUrl));
if (node == null)

string linkTitle = webnew.Title;
if (linkTitle.Length > 15)
linkTitle = linkTitle.Substring(0, 12) + “…”;

node = new SPNavigationNode(linkTitle, webnew.ServerRelativeUrl);
node = topnav.AddAsLast(node);
catch (Exception ex)



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