Experience and Review of Nihilent Technologies, Pune

Hi Guys,


I wanna share my some good and bad exp. of Nihilent Technologies, Pune.



Good Experience First

I worked in the company around 1 and half year. I really enjoy working with my team while working in the company, my all team members (only) are very friendly and very cooperative by nature.

Despite lot of work pressure, they are always ready to provide their precious time for technically and emotionally support to other colleagues, irrespective of their knowledge or exp. We are always go for team dinner with or without any reason. Every team member believes in team spirit.

I have learn the lots of new technologies includes MOSS 2007, SSRS etc., apart from this I learn lots of other things also, which you will see in below section.

Learning is correct word, instead of Bad Experiance

1. Why I left Nihilent? Actually when I joined, I am interested for long term relationship.

2. What are the different factors which force me to look for change during recession?

3. How the way of work in the company and escalation procedure?

3. How different department like HR, Finance etc.  Work with employees?


1. 2nd day after joining, I ask to myselt  is it my mistake to join Nihilent?. Within two month interacting with different senior management, my question is solved automatically, Yes it was one of the biggest mistake I did in my life to join Nihilent.To joining Nihilent is a curse for not only me, my all senior team member realise the same, and now everybody left the company despite recession. 


2. I am giving one very simple example, 

    Once I joined, I tried to get my desk key(very small thing, hardly takes an hour),in which i can kept some of valuable document, I tried an       year, but I did not get, think how admin dept. works.

  I visited outstation for official work, the claim reimbursements procedures take 6 months after lots of escalation. 

  The company fired more than 400 employee mercilessly, Company did think about performance of employee, Company make a toss against every employee, Head for In, Tell for Out. 

  The all (not some) project manager or above level (including CEO) official are Hostile, Unprofessional, Fuckers,


3. Nihilent management say it’s an CMMI 5 level company? But how many  of them know what the hell is this? There is no process to work, no any predefined way of work, nothing.., they are misleading/cheating their clients, that’s why they loses clients, employees, and business, ultimately they found the way/solution to fire the  fresher/innocent employees.


4. There is different dept. like HR, Admin, Finance, the person who works in this dept. behave like Govt. official, When I go there for some work, they always show busy/expecting something, actually they are busy for nothing, They know/learn how to pass their time, go head. Finance never settle salary/claim without mistake, HR and Admin always believe to harass employee. 




I worked with large IT Company and very small company both throughout my careers, but I spent very uncomfortable time working with Nihilent, It’s not bad but worst. I will personally never recommend anybody to join Nihilent. 


Last statement I had  with HR, I am resigning because I am correcting my mistake, and I don’t want to repent.











13 thoughts on “Experience and Review of Nihilent Technologies, Pune

  1. Mostly enjoying, may be that they have not set their goals……but you did not mention Nihilent Bluddy King?

    • Hey Shiva,

      I am glad to see, that you are happy their, But you really don’t know anything about the company and its CEO or you close your eye.I will not mention any name here but whoever is my buddy, i rarely take an help and he also not aware about the same, is it not surprising?

      In any case i will only guide you, you are working in a company where you don’t have any value, whenever company management feel company is not going well, they will simply,blindly blame employees and search new option….


  2. Hi Rahul, you can not simply say the any bad exp. is fake, It shows unprofessional approach to address anything or you may be instructed to write this statement. I may delete/modify your reply but i don’t want to do that.

    • I agree with Sanjiv. This organization is might operate by some of unprofessional and …… Guys. I was get selected in company’s walking in Ahmadabad. Then after they demand for all docs. but never revert back to me with offer or anything which they promise.
      They did not take step to at least acknowledge me.

      So I am sure this guys just running company by pushing and pulling mechanism.

      I am not telling this because it happened to me. No o no man. I already got good offers and i Join them. But it also happened to many people. but they don’t have time to write.. Hah. What a funny thing!.

      I hope this guys never meet again…………..
      god bless them and save from me…… else i need to educate them how to behave.

  3. The Worst Company of Pune No Targets No Deadlines No Management Internal Politics is worst and no coordination between HR and Recruitment team.

  4. Hello friend. i got selected in nihilent pune. i am in ahmedabad right now. what should i have to do?? join or not. i dn’t know anything about nihilent pune. please help me.. replay fast.

  5. Hello Friends, today I went for interview in Nihilent- Pune.
    I Had worst experience there, never met such a bad mannered HR team. And Security personnel.
    They even don’t know how to talk with their guests.

    My advise to Ms. Kanchan pandey, please learn some etiquettes, how to talk with professionals.

    This represent that the working culture of company is good or bad.
    I have been told to wait for the next level of interview, but after seeing the way of communication of the recruitment team, I understand the company standard and working culture. And I left.

    Just share my interview experience @ Nihilent

  6. Hi Sanjiv,

    I got offer from Nehilent Technologies Pune. I am 2.8 years of experienced in Java technologies. Should I join or not. I am confused.

    How are the Java projects & work quality in Nihilent?


    1. No fixed policies, changes from employee to employee
    2. No employee benefits
    3. No Parking
    4. No Cafeteria
    5. RMG doesn’t looks on skill sets and puts anyone in any project
    6. Developers will be send onsite for BA role
    7. Managers are totally immature and backfire on team
    8. HR and Admin behaves like Government company and IAS officers
    9. VERY LESS PAYMENT on Onsite
    10. Very bad facilities at Johannesburg, no transport facility
    11. Accommodation is very messy
    12. Onsite in CRIME PRON SOUTH AFRICA mainly Johanessburg
    13. VISA FEES WILL BE DEDUCTED if you leave organization for all type of visas. Critical Skills almost 50000, Business 7000, ICT 30000 so BEWARE if your VISA IS PROCESSED
    15. Mostly manual testing guys showcasing they know it all, Manager are KNOW IT ALL type guys

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